Smart Mirrors Transform Retail

neimanmarcus smart mirrorNeiman Marcus MemoryMirror

Many retailers are experimenting with different ways to engage their customers in their brick and mortar stores, by integrating the advantages provided by online shopping (Amazon) with the advantages of the physical shopping experience.

This year, we’ve seen a variety of high-tech smart mirrors pop up in certain flagship stores. Here are a few examples of how clothing retailers have been using these interactive mirrors to enhance the shopping experience for their customers:

Neiman Marcus,  San Francisco

Neiman Marcus’s MemoryMirror attempts to shortcut the long process of trying and retrying on clothes. The MemoryMirror shows you a 360-degree view of yourself with the outfit on and allows you to compare outfits side-by-side.  You can also snap photos of you to share with your friends on Facebook to ask for their opinion before you make your purchase.

Lululemon, New York

Lululemon’s mirror acts more like a digital community board that encourages their customers to engage with their community.  The mirror has 5 options: “see community events” (where you can see different exercise classes, film screenings, and community discussions surrounding healthy living in the area), “find places to sweat” (where you can see a list of yoga, pilates, and other fitness classes to attend), “plan your run” (where you can see and view description of nearby running routes), and “view our favorites” (the favorite go to places of Lululemon customers in the area).

Ralph Lauren, New York

Ralph Lauren’s mirror is located in the fitting room itself to transform the frustrating dressing room experience. Shoppers can interact with the mirror to change the lighting in their fitting room and can select a different sizes or colors of their outfit, which an employee will immediately get for you. The mirror also recommends other items that would go with what you’re trying on.  And if you don’t want to buy something that day, you can send the info of the item to your mobile phone.

We look forward to seeing the impact on sales these smart mirrors will have and seeing how retailers will continue to innovate the in-store shopping experience.

Lululemon Smart MirrorLululemon Digital Community Board

RalphLauren Smart MirrorRalph Lauren Smart Mirror

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