Spearheading an entire company rollout

Working closely alongside Marketing, our collaborative rollout plan galvanized every part of the company - from the CEO and Product Engineering, to Customer Care and Sales - to put target personas at the heart of every decision.

The Challenge

How do you take a whole company on a journey to put target personas at everything they do? Identifying the Total Addressable Market and target personas was an earlier phase of the work but in many ways the start of the story: the target personas needed to become the guiding ‘North Star’ for teams across the business.

Our Approach

A blend of interactive rollout sessions, ‘plug and play’ tools, workshops and ‘Ask Antedote’ sessions enabled teams to get curious about each persona and deeply immerse in their needs.

Our Impact

Within just a few months every team in the company had participated in the rollout. From deciding on locations for land purchase and media targeting to refreshing sales tools and identifying new product development… the target personas have become the guiding force in decision making.

  • Financial services, insurance, legal
Study type 
  • Action planning
  • Comms guidelines
  • Creative blueprints
  • Out of the box
  • Ways to win
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