Customer journey mapping to identify white spaces for innovation.

Understanding the journey of migrants before, during and after a move overseas to identify white spaces for innovation.

The Challenge

What happens when you need to deeply understand a customer journey over an extended period of time? In this case, identifying how people prepare and plan for a move overseas, what happens during the move as well as further down the track – once they have made the transition to a new country. The goal? Uncovering white spaces for product and service innovation within financial services.

Our Approach

A tricky recruit ensued, with a hunt for migrants in Europe, New Zealand and Australia, who were about to embark on their travel journey.


Research took part episodically – to identify how their journeys tracked over time and their experiences along the way. This created a rich data bank that blended together observations, needs and pain points to address.

Our Impact

After a subsequent phase of concept development, a range of products and services were launched as a result, including international banking centres in airports and a service high for net worth customers.

  • Financial services, insurance, legal
Study type 
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Digital Ethnography
  • Insight for innovation
  • Qualitative research
  • Australia
  • , New Zealand
  • , UK

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