Nudging the highly engaged

Understanding how different customer approach end of life planning, the different motivations and barriers that impact their decision making and providing highly personalised nudges to maximise conversion.

The Challenge

How do you influence customers in their purchase journey for end of life planning when for some it is a highly personal and involved decision whilst others would prefer to put the decision off until tomorrow.

Our Approach

The first step was to identify the different stages of the journey, from giving the topic no or little thought through to fully researching and planning. Overlaying a segmentation provided greater insight, showing that different segments tend to be at different stages through this process, and also identifying the nudges required to engage different segments at each stage.

Our Impact

This workstream has helped our client’s sales team by providing a deep understanding of how different customer approach end of life planning, the differing cadences at which they are likely to make decisions and by providing highly personalised nudges to help conversion.

  • Financial services, insurance, legal
Study type 
  • Opportunity identification sizing and prioritisation
  • Purchase decision making
  • Segmentation
  • US

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