Best New Agency


Antedote has been recognized as one of the Best New Agencies of 2013 by the MRS for our work in innovation and breakthrough insight. Antedote is the only North American agency to have been selected for this award. 

What makes us different

We balance tradition and technology. We are as comfortable in the physical places that your consumers live as we are in the virtual space they call home… and we understand how to apply principles and methods to suit each space to get the most out of them.

We believe that the right answer is rarely reached through just asking questions. You’ll see that our interactions with consumers and with you involve all kinds of exercises and tasks based on psychological principles designed to uncover the hidden. We are always thinking, analyzing and digging and finding new ways to find buried answers.

Because of the way we work, our global network and our technology platform, your global and local markets are immediately open to us and we can integrate knowledge across them. We can involve consumers, co-workers and experts in projects spanning a few or many countries. 

We work closely with R&D and have the skills, knowledge and experience to fully utilize this resource when it comes to driving innovation. There’s nothing we love more than diving head-first into your technologies to find great ideas for products, packaging, communication and design.

We believe that innovation is much more than just breakthrough ideas, sometimes what seems to be a small idea can have a big impact. We judge the value of the idea not its size.

We put method, technique and analysis first. The structure and rigor that creates groundbreaking research is at the center of everything we do. We don’t believe in “processes”, we believe in dynamic spaces: spaces that we fill with interactions with consumers, with teams, with each other which are designed to dig deep.

We know research. We don’t have pre-ordained “methods” to give to you, rather we create bespoke research experiences for you that take into account all of your specific needs and add a psychological twist for a bit of added flavor.

Great ideas are rarely born from conscious directed thought; they come from different ways of thinking and interacting as well as time. Your subconscious mind is a powerful tool, and if you know how to release its potential it will take you to places that you could never have got to by “thinking”. You will notice we set up our projects and use the platform to give you the time and space to do lots of different kinds of thinking and creation.

We create space for fast and slow creativity rather than force people through steps in a process. This will result in every person in a team reaching their full “ideas potential” and the co-creation thought-space is expanded exponentially.