Sensory innovation that matters

Identifying new sensory innovation opportunities by honing in on the sensory characteristics that lead to switching.

The Challenge

What if you need to identify the sensory characteristics that really matter? 


Those that lead to product preference or, conversely, a switch away from your category if the sensory profile just doesn’t deliver.  With that learning, you can gain clarity on where to innovate and ultimately elevate the sensory experience. 

Our Approach

A series of sensory product labs uncovered the sensory journey for different product types, along with the language used by consumers to describe and evaluate the experience. Including a carefully selected range of products and flavours provided ‘best in class’ product benchmarks too. 


There was a need to build on this nuanced learning with a numeric perspective – and Quantitative modelling identified clusters of users who found different sensory characteristics more important, leading to a range of different sensory opportunities. 


Together, the Qualitative and Quantitative told a seamless story of what really mattered and uncovered territories for innovation.

Our Impact

The outcomes led to a gear-change in the organisation: as well as new concepts in the pipeline, the assumptions around product and sensory ‘satisfaction’ were re-evaluated and refreshed. 

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