Marrying technology with consumer needs

By marrying new technology with consumer needs and language, a personal care brand was able to create product innovation that hit the (sensitive) spot.

The Challenge

How do you make the most of a new product technology? Our client in the personal care space wanted to get under the skin of hair removal products to understand how the new technology could be leveraged to better meet consumer needs.

Our Approach

To get up close and personal, a bespoke range of film and digital activities uncovered needs, feelings and and the desired sensory experience, while a product placement uncovered benchmark experiences, existing pain points and under-met needs.

Our Impact

The learnings informed the brief for R+D for their next generation device, as well as how to talk about the attributes and benefits for existing products in more resonating ways.

  • Electronics
Study type 
  • Brand/product/service development
  • Sensory innovation
  • Germany

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