Identifying the TAM, SAM and SOM for a new market entrant

For a new product entering a new market, it is crucial to understand how big the market is (the TAM), identify and size the market segments most likely to buy (the SAM) and the likely market share for the product (the SOM).

The Challenge

Our client was looking to enter new markets with their range of products. However, first, they wanted to understand how big the markets were, the size of the opportunity for their products and who they should target.

Our Approach

Through a quant study, we were able to identify understand and size a particularly challenging market (one that sales data is not readily available for). This provided the TAM sizing (Total Accessible Market) By also introducing the range of products, we were also able to understand who was most likely to purchase the product – the SAM (Serviceable Accessible Market) – and also predict the likely market share or SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market).

Our Impact

The TAM, SAM, SOM sizing showed that the markets were sufficiently large and the product would be successful in obtaining a large enough market share and hence provided the confidence to enter the markets.

  • Electronics
  • , FMCG & CPG
  • , Personal Care
  • , Technology
Study type 
  • Market sizing & understanding
  • Opportunity identification sizing and prioritisation
  • China
  • , France
  • , Germany
  • , UK

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