Driving acquisition, addressing churn

By expressing category table-stakes in fresh and compelling ways, we helped a global platform in the gig economy reduce churn and increase acquisition.

The Challenge

In a crowded category experiencing high churn, our client needed to win back lapsed customers as well as acquire competitor users. We were tasked with uncovering fresh angles on the core table-stakes of the category.

Our Approach

We sourced customers from a range of competitors and worked closely with them using digital tools to unpack diverse meaning areas. Face-to-face co-creation enabled us to build new proposition directions, including how these would come to life across touchpoints such as customer onboarding and the website. Iterative qualitative research helped us quickly evolve the proposition across markets and explore new features along the way.

Our Impact

Working closely with ops teams, we identified how to operationalize a proposition tailored to different customer types.  From a website refresh and new, targeted communications to launching new workstreams focused on  developing differentiating product features for the medium term, the impact reached across the business.

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