Uncovering the real story on shopping behavior

Uncovering the real story on in-store shopping behavior to increase top shopping spend.

The Challenge

Do you really know how effective your products are in-store? For grocery shopping especially time spent browsing is often minimal – products need to cut through effortlessly. Our client in grocery retail wanted to get under the skin of in-store behavior around top up items and identify ways to increase basket value.

Our Approach

We accompanied shoppers on a range of missions across different product types – and used eye-tracking technology to map store routes and engagement with products and labelling. Post-store interviews enabled us to drill into in-store decision making and behavioural biases.

Our Impact

The learnings inspired cross-functional teams in the business to design new initiatives to both improve the in-store experience and increase basket value.

  • Retail
Study type 
  • Behavioral economics
  • Qualitative research
  • Shopper behaviour

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