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Leveraging Facebook posts to determine your personality

Leverage Facebook posts

Many tools exist these days to help us quantify ourselves and the data we produce online and in the real world through existing activities. If creatively used, many of these tools have the power to become innovative research tools. I recently came across Five Labs, an app that predicts your personality by analyzing the language you use on Facebook using an artificial intelligence engine.

It makes me think of the role that existing social media data will play in research moving forward, and how we can incorporate this into “human digital context.”

Plus it’s really interesting (and a great use of spider charts). For instance, according to my 10 years of posts, I’m assertive, inventive, sensitive, efficient and friendly (with 75% neuroticism apparently).

While tools like this one might have a long way to go with regards to reliability, if used in conjunction with existing research methods the possibilities are endless.

More on Five Labs from Business Insider.