Transforming behaviour amongst Gen Z

Working closely with a not for profit to identify ways to create more sustainable behaviours in the world of fast fashion.

The Challenge

How can you put sustainability at the forefront of purchasing habits? The fashion industry is a major contributor to environmental waste and a government waste and recycling board wanted to encourage more sustainable purchasing amongst Gen Z consumers.

Our Approach

A strategic analysis of existing data against a behavioural change model revealed the key topics to deeply explore. Digital ethnography and film storytelling tools helped us step into the worlds and wardrobes of Gen Z to identify the insights that would pave the way.

Our Impact

Alongside insights into Gen Z and ways to drive behaviour change, 21 initiatives were identified with the power to encourage more mindful purchasing and change behaviour.

  • Charity / Not for profit
Study type 
  • Behavioral economics
  • Digital Ethnography
  • Purchase decision making
  • Qualitative research
  • UK

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