The future of healthcare and opportunities for providers

Inspiring a private healthcare business with future possibilities for products and services by bringing to life how patient scenarios and treatment interactions could look in 2025.

The Challenge

How do you inspire product and service development teams with a picture of how private healthcare in Asia could look in 2025? 

Our Approach

Working collaboratively with a range of healthcare experts across the business teased out the emerging trends likely to shape the context for future patients and their needs.  In conjunction, our own foresight into tech and AI served to characterise the ways digital interactions are likely to evolve.  Designing a digital prototype to weave together different scenarios from the perspective of patients created a powerful, vivid picture of 2025 and possibilities for providers.

Our Impact

The client team’s presentation at their company-wide conference went down a storm; with the digital prototype instrumental in inspiring new thinking around game-changing products and services for the future.

  • Pharma and healthcare
Study type 
  • Design film and content
  • Internal engagement programs
  • Service design
  • Asia

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