Strengthening user sentiment to increase life-time value

Helping a tech business increase satisfaction and identify ways to retain users for longer, by deeply understanding needs, expectations and experiences.

The Challenge

How do you figure out more about who is using your platform and how to keep them, ideally for the long term?


Our tech client wanted to learn more about their user base and identify ways to increase their life-time value.

Our Approach

An analysis of behavioural data and usage patterns created a foundation of understanding and hunches to explore. Involving a representative mix of users in digital ethnography, deeply explored needs, expectations and experiences of the platform. Current pain points and frustrations were pin-pointed using in the moment research tools, while a range of use cases helped bring to life ways their stories for internal teams.

Our Impact

A wide range of opportunity areas and ‘ways to win’, mapped by life cycle and business function, that unlocked growth for the business.

  • Transport
Study type 
  • Digital Ethnography
  • Market sizing & understanding
  • Need identification
  • Qualitative research
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