Capitalizing on cultural codes

Our team of anthropologists and semioticians unpacked deeper cultural meanings across 4 markets, helping our client embed ‘cultural codes’ into their brand idea.

The Challenge

What if you have a brand idea that might be culturally sensitive or interpreted in very different ways from one market to the next?

When a communications giant asked us to explore 4 markets in just 10 days, we rolled up our sleeves and jumped right in.

Our Approach

We assembled a cross-functional team of cultural anthropologists, semioticians and market specialists in India, Brazil, Germany and the UK. As well as involving early adopter consumers we canvassed the views of an eclectic mix of experts carefully selected to shed a different light on our topic.

Our Impact

The client team gained real clarity in how their brand idea would be interpreted within each market’s culture, the ‘watchouts’ to be mindful of and ways to capitalize by tapping into deep cultural codes.

  • Media & Social Media
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  • Cultural insights
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