Makers Part 1: Quiz – How can your Maker type strengthen your business?

Makers, the global movement of independent hackers, artists and inventors creating their own goods, are being recognized for pushing the barriers of innovation. Makers are stretching category definitions and changing consumers’ relationships with and expectations of products and services – from the taste and sensory experience through to the emotional connection and layers of engagement.

Curious to understand the qualities that make them such innovative thinkers and doers, we spoke to a variety of Makers – from paper crafters to drone developers to robot-building beer brewers – to identify what we could learn and inspire innovation. We pulled this information together into a quiz so you can discover your maker type and use it to strengthen your work and business.

What maker type are you?


A special thanks to all of the Makers that we interviewed for this piece of research! Check out some things they are working on below:

Marek at Dirty Robot, Marilyn at Maker Space, Elaine Podna inventor, Greg at Berkeley Sourcing, Warrick creator of a Burning Man Installation, Emily at Flour & Co., Aaron at Owlized, Bret at Airphrame, Kat at Ferme à Papier, Jeff at Standard Cyborg, Ralucca at Ralucca jewelry, Sam at Cheeki, Lori at Empowered, Parker at RA skincare and Persephone Hair, and many many more from SF Hardware Startup Meetup.

Now let’s put this into action.

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