Top Innovative Business Ideas from Fashion & Beauty

The fashion and beauty industry has evolved over the years. And with the emergence of new technologies – such as 3D printing and sensors – many companies, from the big time-old players to newer startups, are disrupting the way they conduct business and build their products to drive their industry forward.

Springwise recently released their Top 10 Innovative Business Ideas from Fashion & Beauty. Here are our favorites from the list, plus a few more we thought were interesting:

Wearable Innovation in Fashion
Jacket Uses Vibrations to Guide Wearers Around Paris: Australian based start up Wearable:Experiments introduced their “Navigate Paris“, an elegant location-based jacket that guides you throughout the city of Paris with slight vibrations in your sleeve indicating left or right turns. This clever design uses technology to allows tourists to actually be free from technology and to experience the city how it was meant to be experienced: through your own eyes, and not through a mobile screen.

Stealth Tech Innovation in Fashion
Orwell-inspired Clothing Stops Phones From Being Hacked: Bringing style to stealth tech, fashion brand The Affair has launched a line that features the Unpocket created with metalized-fabrics which blocks all radio signals in and out (wifi, GPS, cell, and RFID).

Try Innovation in Fashion
Try-Before-You-Buy Service Only Charges Customers for the Clothes They Keep: Try is Google Chrome plug supporteing lenient return policies,  allowing customers to try on clothes from participating retailers (from brands like J.Crew, Nike, and Zara) at home for 10 days and pay for the ones they don’t return to the retailers.

3d skin innovation
3d Printed Skin Could Become the Standard for Cosmetic Testing: We’ve seen the magic of 3D printing with the Kickstarter Pancake Bot, MX3D’s Metal and Resin Drawing Robot, and Adidas’s Futurecraft 3D printed shoes. Now the beauty industry is also tapping into one of the biggest innovation trends this year. Bioprinting startup Organovo teamed up with L’Oreal to create 3D printed skin for cosmetic testing.

Smart Bra - Wearables - Tech Fashion
Smart Sports Bra Cools You Down When You Perspire: Debuted at MADE Fashion Week, the smart bra from Chromat measures your temperature and perspiration levels and opens and closes vents to cool you down or warm you up.

Smart Jewelry - Wearable - Innovation
Smart Jewelry Alerts You for Most Urgent Notifications: In an effort to combat the common urge to check the mobile phone every second, Altruis smart jewelry is a ‘modern day pager’ that passes through only the most important alerts based on predetermined keywords.

Check out the complete Springwise list here.

Image credits: Springwise, Wareable

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