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Smart devices are everywhere you look. You can get anything from the well-known Nest thermostat and Sonos speakers to the Philips Smart Light Bulb, Mr. Coffee WeMo Enabled Smart Coffeemaker, and Parrot plant waterer.

And although we see and hear about these smart products everywhere, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and intimidated to actually use them. Demand for smart products actually dropped by 15% this year, according to August Insights, showing the market has still not yet infiltrated the mainstream.

In an effort to make smart devices more accessible to consumers, Target opened up a futuristic concept home by the San Francisco Metreon to showcase how all their different smart products can talk to each other to make a better morning, evening and well, life, for you.

I recently stumbled into the experimental space they call Open House, with its beautiful transparent acrylic walls and furniture that really highlight the devices.

Each room has a tablet which you can choose from a variety of hypothetical scenarios that will play out, showing you how the devices work together. In one “morning” scenario, the baby starts waking up earlier than usual. The smart baby monitor Mimo then triggers the parent’s phone in another room to vibrate to wake her and get the baby as well as signals the coffee maker in the kitchen to start a cup of joe.  How much nicer of a morning would my parents have had if these devices could talk to each other like that? I’m not a parent yet myself, but I have high hopes for how connected devices will surely help me with the joys and tribulations of future child rearing.

Target will take their learning’s from the way consumers interact with the products in the smart house as insight for future sale strategies.  Hopefully Target’s efforts will be one of many that move our generation away from the seemingly excessive connected-hyped world, to one that can truly leverage the potential of the internet of things to create more seamless life-enhancing experiences.

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