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The Next Generation Post-It: Magnetic


We’ve been on the Moon, so why can’t we have some ideal paper, instead of using these awful stuff to stick them? — Tesla Amazing

At work we have a love/hate relationship with post-its. These accidental inventions by Dr. Spencer Silver, completely decorate all our walls and glass windows in the office. As satisfying as it is to use the multitudes of colors to organize our thoughts and emerging concepts, it is always painful to try to re-organize and re-stick the post-its when they inevitably start peeling off the walls. You’ve been there.  The rapid ideas are churning out from the conversations, and the facilitator is struggling to tape or tack on the falling post-its or attempt to locate new surfaces to continue the brainstorming.

And it is cause to wonder, why hasn’t someone invented a better tool for these work collaborations?

Enter Magnetic.


The Tesla Amazing team innovated the iconic post-it that offices all over the world use on a daily.  Magnetic is an environmentally friendly paper that uses static to stick on to absolutely anything (brick, plastic, metal, leather, etc) sans thumbtacks, tape, glue, etc. Magnetic is re-usuable with its dry eraser backside and comes in 9 colors and 3 sizes.

innovation dry erase magnetic

I am absolutely excited to get my hands on this new invention and improvement of the traditional office supply. To support the campaign for a better working environment, visit Tesla Amazing’s Kickstarter here.

Innovative Post It Wall

antedote is a strategic insights and innovation consultancy based in San Francisco, and we have helped many of the world’s leading brands like Pepsico and Unilever to garner deeper insights about their consumers and identify opportunities to grow their brands.  

Travel Innovation: Virtual Reality Takes Off


An industry first, Qantas Airways together with Samsung recently introduced a 360 degree Virtual Reality experience for their travelers. Now on select flights, First Class travelers will be able to be transport to any virtual world (imagine immersing yourself in your favorite blockbuster movie or exploring tourist sites of your final destination before you even land) during their long 14 hour flight from Australia to Los Angeles.

At antedote, we thrive on tapping into the newest technology to uncover new insights and drive innovation for our clients. That is why we love watching how different sectors integrate emerging technology and are following the evolution of this exciting new medium as it moves from gaming to travel.

As virtual reality becomes even more refined and more realistic, researchers can also look forward to leveraging the technology to create immersive experiences for subjects in conceptual scenarios, without spending money or time creating physical prototypes.


Kodak’s New Immersive Video


Kodak recently introduced the Kodak Pixpro SP360, which can capture a 360 degree view of an event.

Although the gadget could still use some refinement, as researchers, we are excited for the possibilities that the Kodak Pixpro SP 360 will bring to the field. Other recording devices like the GoPro can only record one aspect of an action at a time, but with the palm-sized Kodak PixPro SP360, researchers can capture what a person is doing as well as their own reaction in the surrounding environment. Around the table group interviews would also be possible to record, documenting the entire group’s dynamic. In the future, immersive video will be a great tool for researchers to use to analyze human behavior in its entire context.