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Amazon Dash – What does the one-click mindset mean for your brand?

Amazon is reinventing the shopping experience again with the Amazon Dash.

If you haven’t heard, Amazon Dashes are tangible $5 buttons (for Prime members) that you can stick anywhere, and when pressed, the buttons will automatically order and ship a single specific product to you.

Stick a Tide detergent button next to your washing machine. Or a Charmin button next to your toilet. When you’re running low, you no longer need drive out to the grocery store or even take out your phone to make a purchase, but just press the button without a second thought.

This is Amazon’s innovative approach to leveraging the internet of things to simplify the shopping experience, to bring the digital one click ordering to the physical world, and to create mindless habits that keep customers loyal to them.

It has become apparent that Amazon Dash, along with the slew of “do-it-now” apps from Uber to Instacart, is completely changing consumers’ expectations for their companies.

No matter what industry you are in or what service you offer, consumers will more than ever expect an instant and frictionless experience, much like the one-click apps they use on their phones.

Ease of use and convenience is no longer a ‘good thing to have’ but a ‘must have’. And you must deliver beyond that to keep your customer – for they are less patient and more ready than ever to go to another website or another app that is faster and more intuitive.

So how well do you know your consumers’ journey and the pain points they are experiencing?

Do you know when they use your product differently than intended? Do you know all the pain points that your consumers’ experience when they interact with your brand?

Where can you remove friction? Can you reduce 2 steps into just 1? Is there a point where the consumer would have to exert themselves to make a decision? How can you make the interaction more ‘mind-less’? How can your brand deliver something delightful that your customer did not expect?

By delving into your consumers’ journey, you can innovate your product or brand to meet the expectations of their “once-click” mindset.

3 innovation principles we can learn from on-demand expert app Fountain


Have you ever found yourself Googling for answers to fix things on your own, or browsing page after page of answers on Quora, only to end up feeling frustrated by the overwhelming amount of (sometimes conflicting and irrelevant) information?

Imagine what you could do if you had live video access to the best experts instantly.

Enter the new Fountain app – a disruptive approach to get expert answers in real time. From the founder of, Aaron Patzer created Fountain to help you solve any problem in and around your home by connecting you over video chat in about 90 seconds to an expert such as an architect, or appliance repair-person. You would think that this service would be expensive, but at a reasonable $7 for 15 minutes, it’s the perfect compromise between hiring a contractor to come to your home (which could take you back $150-200/hour), and trying desperately to solve a problem by yourself through trawling online forums.

In Patzer’s words, “You can research a lot of this stuff on Google, but if you want to figure out how to stain your deck, it depends on if it’s in Phoenix or Maine, right? There are a lot of times where you need video or pictures and you need a back-and-forth conversation to really hone in on the right answer. That’s where Fountain is tremendously powerful.”

Fountain makes use of some clever success principles that we can learn to disrupt and improve the typical innovation process:

  1. Real-time, content-rich dialogue

Fountain shows us that you don’t need to spend hours on research and pre-planning to get the answers you need, and the power of instant dialogue. If we concentrate feedback windows into shorter bursts, using content rich platforms such as live screen sharing and video, we can access the people we want to talk to instantly and have rich conversations with them to push ideas to the next level quickly with minimum hassle.

  1. Speedy and rich feedback from those who matter the most

Fountain has a vigorous screening process for the experts they engage, so the asker knows they will get help and guidance from the most authoritative people when they post a question. Similarly, if we have a new way to screen consumers in real time using pre-defined criteria, we can kick off consumer conversations on the same day, and be confident we are talking to the right people.

  1. Low risk and low cost

At $7 for 15 minutes, Fountain has cracked a new pricing model that makes it attractive for users to try the service with minimum risk. We know cost is a very real and practical concern for companies who want to test ideas and get feedback with consumers earlier without breaking budgets. We believe the time is ripe for a new business model around idea testing and harvesting – with lower investment, and quicker results.

With $4MM in first round funding already in the bag, Fountain is off to a fantastic start. We look forward to applying these success principles to help our innovation partners get feedback from those who matter in a fast and more effective way. To learn more about our latest platform that leverages these principles to connect with consumers for instant feedback globally and in real-time, explore with the button below.

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