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LEVIT8: The Portable Standing Desk

Levit8 innovative standing desk

As people are becoming more aware of the harmful health effects of sitting too long at work, people are looking for alternative solutions and one popular one is the standing desk. Standing desks however are expensive, costing from $600 to $100 and taking up a lot of space in the office and at home. In response to the lack of options, many independent innovators are attempting to create cheaper, portable, and effective standing desks.

I’ve seen many interesting, solid solutions to the standing desk (from Lift Top’s Sit-Stand, the minimalistic Altostand, and the StandStand), but when it comes to true ease and portability, none of them had really nailed it, until I saw the new design of LEVIT8 on Kickstarter.

The LEVIT8 is stain-proof and slimmer than a Macbook Air, but carries 20x more than its own weight. It’s origami inspired design allows the stand to be folded up into a slim book, making it easy to carry around with you and store. There are no multiple parts or unnecessary assembly at all.

It’s appeal is evident as they had reached their target of $4,000 in only 2 days and have currently surpassed their goal 13x over.

Their fundraiser ends this Friday, so show your support for this truly innovative design!

The Next Generation Post-It: Magnetic


We’ve been on the Moon, so why can’t we have some ideal paper, instead of using these awful stuff to stick them? — Tesla Amazing

At work we have a love/hate relationship with post-its. These accidental inventions by Dr. Spencer Silver, completely decorate all our walls and glass windows in the office. As satisfying as it is to use the multitudes of colors to organize our thoughts and emerging concepts, it is always painful to try to re-organize and re-stick the post-its when they inevitably start peeling off the walls. You’ve been there.  The rapid ideas are churning out from the conversations, and the facilitator is struggling to tape or tack on the falling post-its or attempt to locate new surfaces to continue the brainstorming.

And it is cause to wonder, why hasn’t someone invented a better tool for these work collaborations?

Enter Magnetic.


The Tesla Amazing team innovated the iconic post-it that offices all over the world use on a daily.  Magnetic is an environmentally friendly paper that uses static to stick on to absolutely anything (brick, plastic, metal, leather, etc) sans thumbtacks, tape, glue, etc. Magnetic is re-usuable with its dry eraser backside and comes in 9 colors and 3 sizes.

innovation dry erase magnetic

I am absolutely excited to get my hands on this new invention and improvement of the traditional office supply. To support the campaign for a better working environment, visit Tesla Amazing’s Kickstarter here.

Innovative Post It Wall

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