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Can Sound Wash Your Clothes? Dolfi Laundry Innovation

Can sound wash your clothes?

With the Dolfi, it is possible! German entrepreneur Lena Solis introduced the “next gen washing device” that uses ultrasonic technology to clean your clothes.  This portable soap-sized gadget blasts off the dirt from your clothes sans washing machine within only 30 minutes. Perfect for traveling or getting stains off a delicates that you would not want to destroy in the washer, Dolfi is set to change the way we clean our clothes.

The Dolfi is a fantastic example of leveraging technology pervasive in certain verticals (ultrasound is frequently used in medicine for sonography or surgical equipment cleaning) to solve a problem in an unrelated vertical (in this case, household laundry).

At antedote, we stay abreast of creative mash-ups like these because we believe in the power of tapping into existing technologies in new ways to drive innovation for our clients.