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Honey Innovation: Flow, the Revolutionary Beehive

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Recently, father and son beekeepers, Stuart and Cedar Anderson, from Australia got the beekeeping community buzzing when they introduced an innovation to transform the way honey is harvested.

The father and son duo had invented a revolutionary hive, Flow, that doesn’t disturb the bees and allows the honey to flow out into a jar like water from a faucet.

Depictions of humans collecting honey from bees date to about 15,000 years ago. And the methods of harvesting honey always been a very labor-intensive, traditionally taking 3-4 hours. However with Flow, you can get honey within 20 minutes. It is no wonder that the innovation sold over $1.7 million in 1 day.

“Harvesting your honey used to be a real labor of love. First you had to protect yourself from stings; Fire up a smoker to sedate the bees; Crack the hive open; Lift heavy boxes; Pull out the frames, trying not to squash bees; Brush the bees off the combs, or use a leaf blower; Transport the frames to a processing shed; Cut the wax capping off each frame with a heated knife or automatic uncapping machine; Put them in an extractor to spin out the honey; Filter out all the wax and dead bees; Clean up all the mess.”


This is a beautiful example of abandoning traditional methods that have been around for years and thinking creatively to make the process more efficient. After a decade of hard work and persistence, the duo is able to share their passion with others and allow for a less stressful relationship between beekeepers and bees.


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