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Eat red meat

A leadership event in New Zealand has been seen the development and launch of a go-to-market strategy for Beef + Lamb New Zealand, following on from a nine-month long research project conducted by antedote.

An alternate protein may seem futuristic, but it isn’t for Beef + Lamb New Zealand who have been working with antedote to develop insights that will enable strategic planning to future-proof their beef and lamb industry.

As a response to a nine-month-long research project, Founding Partner Anne Lacey was invited by Beef + Lamb New Zealand to present on disruptive trends and what it means for the industry during the organizations most recent sector leadership event “Our origin brand, story and go-to-market strategy”, held in Auckland, New Zealand.

The New Zealand sheep and beef industry exports to over 120 countries around the world and employs around 80,000 people. It is New Zealand’s largest manufacturing sector.

“The health and wellbeing of our sector is incredibly important to our country and our regional communities where our footprint is the largest” said Nick Beeby, General Manager, Market Development for Beef + Lamb New Zealand.

“Beef + Lamb New Zealand engaged antedote to look into the future so we could understand the forces and consumer trends which were taking people towards alternative proteins, and to develop scenarios so our sector could plan in a way which means we remain relevant to consumers in the future.” Said Nick.

Anne said the weeklong leadership event provided a valuable opportunity to create dialogue among stakeholders.

“This has been an invaluable exercise in engaging in dialogue and kicking off the strategic planning with the entire value chain – from government policy makers, industry leaders and the CEO’s of the top meat companies to the farmers from around the country – it has been an honor to be part of this project.” Said Anne.

The leadership event was an outcome of a nine-month project, which saw antedote conduct a global study into the red meat market.


“We analyzed over 400 reports, articles, interviews, videos and other content – we read everything we could get our hands on, and there was a lot.” Said Anne.

“Primary research was conducted; interviews with leaders in industry and government, big-food, big-meat, academics, retailers, food scientists, CEO’s, CFO’s, Chef Scientists, Nutritionists, Medical professionals, health and wellness experts, CMO’s – again basically a range of people across the supply and value chain.

“We did this to gain an in-depth understanding of the red meat sector, alternative proteins and how the government, medical industry, consumers, market and culture was reacting today and expected to respond in the future.” Said Anne.

Consumer behavioral research also played an important role in the project, with antedote conducting digital and face-to-face research in China and the US to unpack consumer behaviors, beliefs, needs and frustrations around food, red meat, alternative proteins and eating in the 21st Century.

“The result of all this research and analysis was to identify the forces of disruption, build a picture of what the world might look like in the future and design potential strategic responses for the New Zealand Beef and Lamb industry.

The response to the project undertaken by Beef + Lamb New Zealand with antedote has been well recognized and received in New Zealand. Nick Beeby commented, “Anne and her team have been very accommodating and have provided us great insight into the project.”

“The findings show that for every great challenge, there is also great opportunity, but we do need to be reminded that what we do today, does not ensure our success in the future. We need to evolve and innovate.” Says Nick.

“Spending this time with the CEO’s and Farmers of the Beef and Lamb NZ industry, as well as government and industry leaders has been a privilege. It is inspiring to see NZ Beef and Lamb take a strong leadership position in preparing for the future and get ahead of any potential disruption – myself and the entire antedote team are excited to see what happens next” said, Anne.

For more information about the Beef + Lamb New Zealand project, please drop us a line