Shyp App: You don’t need to know how it works

The best customer service I’ve experienced lately was not at the dry cleaners, the grocery store, or even at the local coffee shop. It was shipping a package—without the packaging. I used Shyp.

Shyp specializes in something that I can safely say none of us enjoys: shipping packages. The problem is, I actually enjoy sending packages, and love receiving packages, but there’s a lot of uncertainty and frustration involved in the process. What if there’s a line at USPS? What if I fill out the customs form wrong? What if I accidentally choose a box with expensive dimensions? With Shyp, mailing a package means opening the app on your phone, snapping a photo of the item you wish to send, typing in an address, and waiting 20 minutes for someone to arrive at your doorstep to package and mail the item for you–at the cheapest rate possible. And best of all, it’s incredibly predictable.

At first glance Shyp is simply another company following the excellent customer service provider trend, but if you look deeper, it is much more innovative than that.

Rather than starting from the ground up, Shyp managed to work with the post office—without having to work for them, and created a usable interface for customers. Shyp isn’t the next best option to you mailing a package yourself, or having any friend mail the package for you. Shyp’s specialty is mailing packages using their wealth of knowledge about boxes, packing materials, rates, forms, and all the ropes of shipping. There are services and products that you pay for only because you don’t have the time. While Shyp certainly frees up a lot of time, it’s more than that. I love doing my laundry, because only I know the care instructions for that article of clothing that lost its tag. I have complex rules of what I like to air dry. I’d rather watch laundry pile up for weeks when I don’t have the time for it, than pay someone to do it for me. It would take a lot for me to pay for wash and fold services. 

They don’t brag about how they do it, they brag about what it will mean to you. When I ship a package, I simply need to get a physical object from point A to point B—I don’t know the best way. Maybe Shyp does it by formulas, or maybe they’d consider it more of an art form. I’d imagine it’s some combination of both, but to be honest, I really don’t care how my package gets to point B as long as I know they shipped it the best they could. You’ll notice the video below doesn’t showcase how they do it, because you don’t need to know how it works. It’s their specialty, and that’s what makes them so innovative. Sometimes knowing less is more.

Shyp is an expert at working with the current systems, only shares what you need to know, and finally, perhaps one of the best things Shyp did for their service was put a smiling human face on an otherwise impersonal process.

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