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Innovative Research for Advertising

As ad agencies continue to go through a massive transformation to digital, mobile, and social platforms, timelines have been collapsed, while the speed of research and analysis has remained the same. As an insight and innovation agency that often partners with our friends in advertising and marketing communications, we at antedote recently realized that the […]
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Investing in Millenials

Investing in Millennials and Their Currency

Millennials are different. Their views of personal success, their goals, and the things they assign value to (their currencies) often clash with that of previous generations, making them an elusive group to acquire and retain as financial customers. At antedote, we believe in looking at the consumer through the lens of the multiple layers of […]
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Applying Maker Principles

Makers Part 2: How to Apply Maker’s Principles within Your Organization

After you have found out what type of Maker you are, check out how you can use the 4 principles of Makers to spark innovation within your company.
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Tapping into my inner storyteller with Steller

Last week I stumbled across a new app, Steller, which offers an easy way to create visual stories with your existing photos and videos. Not only is the UX incredibly intuitive, but also the preloaded templates are beautifully designed, which ensures that your finished story looks like a work of art. This got me thinking […]
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How Anheuser-Busch Can Beat Craft Beer at Its Own Game

Antedote’s Pete Mortensen wrote an in-depth piece over at Slate exploring the changing beer market and opportunities for big breweries to step into widely untapped spaces where craft breweries can’t. “America’s industrial breweries have seen better days. Sales of domestic beers have plateaued and even started to show signs of declining. Worse for Big Beer, it […]
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Digital Ethno

Unlocking the power of digital ethnography

Unlocking the power of digital ethnography, by Antedote’s Anne Lacey, explores the multiple dimensions of digital ethnography and the potential it has as a research tool. The article can be found on Core77. Check out the excerpt below for a short preview and be sure to read on here. “To gain to new insights and opportunities, […]
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Maker Faire

What not to expect from Maker Faire

This past weekend I attended the Bay Area Maker Faire along with 130,000 other people. The Maker Faire is also known as the “Greatest Show and Tell on Earth”—probably for lack of better way to describe it in a sentence. In many it was exactly what I expected; there were plenty of robots, 3D printers, entertaining […]
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Cold-pressed innovation

I remember having my first green juice. It was the beginning of 2010, and a colleague of mine was doing the Dr. Junger’s Clean Program in an attempt to start the year in a healthy way. During lunch one day, she introduced me to Liquiteria, which at the time was still a singular location in […]
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Sometimes minute adjustments are the best changes

Cycling is both the lowest and highest tech hobby on the planet. On the one hand, even the most expensive and carefully designed bikes on the planet would look recognizable to the Victorians who road the first “safety bicycles” of the 1880s. On the other hand, bikes made from more and more advanced materials arrive on a regular basis, […]
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Reflections on Justice: Society through a new lens

On the tail end of wrapping up a particularly intense project in January, I learned that my next assignment would be one that almost every American gets offered and a shockingly large number do whatever they can to get out of: jury duty. Though I’ve been called before, I usually don’t get chosen. I am […]
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The Psychology Behind Personal Care Decisions

When we’re exploring consumers’ beliefs, behaviors and attitudes, and choices, we think in terms of three levels of understanding that map directly onto their levels of consciousness.
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Finding inspiration for innovation–without leaving your neighborhood

When most people think about gathering inspiration, they probably think about visiting a city they’ve never been to, retreating into nature, or reading up on the latest fashion trends. While there is a great of inspiration to be found in exploring the new and exciting and getting lost in thought, sometimes the best exercise for […]
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Maker Quiz

Makers Part 1: Quiz – How can your Maker type strengthen your business?

Makers, the global movement of independent hackers, artists and inventors creating their own goods, are being recognized for pushing the barriers of innovation. Makers are stretching category definitions and changing consumers’ relationships with and expectations of products and services – from the taste and sensory experience through to the emotional connection and layers of engagement. […]
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My Julep Subscription: Why I couldn’t make the leap from free to full price

I heard about Julep from one of my best friends who wanted to get free credit when I used her promo code to get my own free starter box. If you aren’t familiar with the company, Julep is a nail and beauty company known for their monthly beauty box subscription service for “Julep Mavens.” I’m […]
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Work habits

“Bad” work habits are good for insight

To continue the theme from my last post, I’ve been noticing more and more psychological research that supports my “bad” (not really bad, you’ll find) work habits. 1. A messy desk. This is a big one. It’s official; a messy desk has been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to encourage creativity. In a paper […]
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Why Apple’s biggest news from WWDC flies under the radar

Apple just completed the keynote of its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, and it was a stunner. While some casual observers will question why no new hardware was rolled out at the event, this reflects a misunderstanding of the event — and of innovation, as well. More than anything, WWDC is for developers, […]
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This Is How to Build an Interface for the Ultimate Smartwatch – from WIRED.com

Today we’ll be over at WIRED.com, with a different take on on what will propel wearable technology–specifically the smartwatch–into the future, written by antedote’s Pete Mortenson: The fashion-will-fix-smartwatches narrative is a really compelling story. It’s also completely wrong — or, at minimum, flies in the face of decades of study about how new technologies get adopted. […]
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Shyp App: You don’t need to know how it works

The best customer service I’ve experienced lately was not at the dry cleaners, the grocery store, or even at the local coffee shop. It was shipping a package—without the packaging. I used Shyp. Shyp specializes in something that I can safely say none of us enjoys: shipping packages. The problem is, I actually enjoy sending […]
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Using rewards to win consumer love

It started as an obsession with Duane Reade in New York City. Strategically located on every corner where one might need an escape from the city (i.e. every high traffic corner), DR became the safe place to stop and meander if I was bored, upset, or caught in the rain. Somehow, a stroll through DR […]
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Beet Yoghurt

Can yogurt go savory?

On a recent trip to New York (qual research for one of our global innovation clients) we were doing some store scouting to canvas the latest interesting new innovations. We were excited to come across these new yogurts from one of our favorite New York restaurants, Blue Hill. These yogurts turn convention on its head […]
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apple watch

Apple and wearable tech: When being late to the game works in your favor

Next Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook will make the most important announcements of his tenure: the first set of major new products that won’t be largely credited to his legendary predecessor Steve Jobs. It’s a hard act to follow. At least in the last ten years of his life, no person on the planet was […]
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Inspiring Great Insights for Advertising

As an insight and innovation agency that often partners with our friends in advertising and marketing communications, we recently realized that the role of qualitative research within creative and content development has some room for improvement. What can research partners do to help inspire great insights for advertising in the 21st century? In an extensive […]
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When technology meets functional and social needs

More than a decade ago, I was deeply engrossed in the movie Bicentennial Man (RIP the great Robin Williams). I remember watching the bewildered faces of the two children as their father brings home a life-size family droid who would live with them and help them with tasks around the house. I recall doubling over […]
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Serving San Francisco’s fashion rebels

The other night I had dinner at a Castro restaurant that Yelp calls “trendy, intimate, romantic, casual.” What Yelp didn’t mention is that San Franciscans will always pull out the tees and sneakers, “casual” restaurant or no. After a year in San Francisco I should be used to it by now, but I was still […]
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Leverage Facebook posts

Leveraging Facebook posts to determine your personality

Many tools exist these days to help us quantify ourselves and the data we produce online and in the real world through existing activities. If creatively used, many of these tools have the power to become innovative research tools. I recently came across Five Labs, an app that predicts your personality by analyzing the language you use […]
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Want to live someone else’s life for a while?

“20 Day Stranger” is an iPhone app (from The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at MIT and MIT Media Lab Playful Systems) that creates a mobile experience where one person’s experience of the world is exchanged with another’s. You’ll be matched with a stranger and with complete anonymity will experience each other’s lives […]
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Nespresso VertuoLine: What’s the right selling point?

“Did you see the giant Nespresso pod in Union Square the other week?” I knew exactly what my colleague Pete was referencing yesterday, as I had in fact seen the giant alien-like pod, been sucked inside, and gladly played the role of an ignorant consumer. This was not my first exposure to Nespresso’s fairly new VertuoLine (a […]
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Bonne Maman

Innovations of all shapes and sizes that I came across in my travels

Clean, simple (and cost effective) single serve jam… How many times have you fumbled with those circa 1970 tiny square plastic single serve jams, or worse, been subjected to the petri dish communal jam pots? Now no doubt the cynics among you are thinking “hey what about those little glass jars?” Agreed, the mini jars […]
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Bad mornings are good for insight

I’ve never been a morning person. If I know I have an early meeting to get to, I have to set more than one alarm (just in case), and if I have a really early flight to make, I just don’t bother going to bed. The snooze button is my best friend. Yep – the […]
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MRS Finalist Best New Agency 2013

MRS Best New Agency Finalist

We are thrilled to announce that Antedote has been selected as one of the finalists for the MRS Best New Agency award. This is a testament to our fantastic team, clients and work in innovation and insight over the last couple of years.
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