Moleskine Detour

I have been a big fan of Moleskine notebooks for many years, there is something about a blank page in this books that encourages you to doodle and to create ideas. Many of the innovative products and services that I have created over the years have started life in the pages of a Moleskine notebook. Clicking on the image below will take you to the Moleskine website that has a lot more details and fabulous pictures.

Detour Book

I stumbled across the Moleskine Detour book in the course of some Christmas shopping and was immediately drawn in. The book draws inspiration from the globe trotting Detour Project which has displayed a collection of over 250 notebooks from the likes of Tom Sachs, Ron Arad, Italo Rota and Toyo Ito.

This is a great Holiday gift for any innovators, designers, artists or authors that you may know. Sadly the Amazon order time is a little long for it to arrive in time for the Holidays but a quick Google Shopping search should unearth some options.

I am looking forward to receiving my copy, I’ll post a review once it arrives. In the meantime Moleskine have a great Youtube channel if you fancy a 5 minute time out from your day. Enjoy.

This is Yves Béhar’s Notebook from the Moleskine Channel.

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