Leveraging Social Media to Find Missing Children


I love watching organizations from different sectors form solid partnerships for the betterment of society.

Most recently, Facebook joined the list of channels supporting AMBER (America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response) and became the first social media platform to partner directly with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

AMBER alerts have been received by communities through radio, television, billboards, and texts. Now if a child goes missing in your area, you will receive a geo-targeted alert notification in your Facebook Newsfeed with the child’s photo and relevant info.

Facebook’s trust & safety manager, Emily Vacher, comments on what inspired the partnership:

We’ve noticed over the last couple of years that when kids go missing, people started posting about this on their Facebook pages to share information within their own communities. And we saw a lot of successes out of this. Kids have actually been brought home because of the information people shared on Facebook.

This is a great example of how observing existing human behavior and leveraging existing technology can achieve a greater goal.

I hope to see more partnerships like this recent one form in the near future. As more organizations and companies recognize and invest in the power of social media and the newest forms of technology, we can create a better world together.

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