How to Discover Hot New iPhone Apps Using Pinterest

With so many apps popping up daily it’s hard to discover ones I’m really interested in – particularly because if I’m just browsing “top new apps” or “top charts” it’s often irrelevant to my personal interests – especially when I’m constantly running out of space on my iPhone.

That’s why I was excited to learn that Apple partnered with Pinterest to create app pins so you can download apps directly from Pinterest. It’s such a simple innovation – but one that inspires discovery in a personally meaningful way. I particularly like the simplicity of the boards they’ve created so I can follow areas I’m interested in and learn about new apps popping up in that area without much effort on my part.

For example, I was checking out healthy recipes for the weekend and learned about an app called The Whole Pantry, which shares recipes that are part of my bigger wellness goals.

Now I can get inspired and find a way to engage in the same moment.

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