Big Hero 6 – Celebrating the Maker


I finally watched Disney’s latest animation hit based after the Marvel comic, Big Hero 6, which takes place in the amalgamous city “SanFransokyo” and stars a talented 14 year old robotocist, Hiro Hamada, and his budding friendship with his robot, Baymax.

Beyond the pride of seeing recognizable structures from the city I love and live in, I absolutely enjoyed and appreciated the beautiful storytelling of what can happen when passion, purpose, and an innovative mindset are used for the betterment of society.

Unlike other super heroes of past animated Disney movies (like Incredibles), this team is a quirky group of self-acclaimed “nerds” from the pseudo “SF Tech of Institute”.  They don’t have super powers like super strength or invisibility. Their super powers come from their intellect, curiosity, creativity, and their commitment to innovation.

True markers of a Maker.

Makers, the global movement of independent hackers, artists and inventors creating their own goods, are being recognized for pushing the barriers of innovation. Makers are stretching category definitions and changing consumers’ relationships with and expectations of products and services – from the taste and sensory experience through to the emotional connection and layers of engagement.

Last year, we talked about how channeling a Maker mindset and using their principles can spark innovation within your company. Check out our tips on How to Apply Maker’s Principles Within Your Organization.

It is refreshing to see these principles portrayed in the mainstream by the animated characters of Disney’s latest hit. From the first scenes, we are introduced to the team’s love for technology: Wasabi’s addiction to lasers, Go-Go’s passion for magnetic levitation, Honey Lemon’s experimentation with chemical reactions, and of course protagonist Hiro’s obsession for robotics.

We can be excited that the next generation of kids can look up to and admire the new modern day superheroes of our time. And they will not be the one donning capes and masks. They will be the inventors and the tinkerers, innovating a better future for society through their creativity and passion.


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