How Anheuser-Busch Can Beat Craft Beer at Its Own Game

Antedote’s Pete Mortensen wrote an in-depth piece over at Slate exploring the changing beer market and opportunities for big breweries to step into widely untapped spaces where craft breweries can’t.

“America’s industrial breweries have seen better days. Sales of domestic beers have plateaued and even started to show signs of declining. Worse for Big Beer, it seems the new generation of drinkers prefers bottom-shelf value beers like Pabst Blue Ribbon over ostensibly “premium” brews like Budweiser.Using brand alone to differentiate nearly identical light lagers isn’t working anymore.”

— Pete Mortenson for Slate

At antedote we’re always exploring what innovators can learn from the changing world, and this article definitely nails this concept. While the article itself is specifically applicable to big breweries, there’s a bit in it for everyone whatever your craft. To read for yourself, click here.

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