Researcher & Innovator: Gift Guide 2014

Gift-giving season is upon us! Whether you are looking for fun stocking stuffers or splurging on something special, here is this year’s wish list for the researchers and innovators in your life.

Psychoanalytical Pencil Set
Write and chew on these words to tap into the consumer mind.

A fun game to exercise your lateral thinking and innovate new products.

From Another Point of View
Clever poster to remind you to always look at things from a different perspective.

Give the gift of experiencing a new culture with a Vayable Insider.

Carbide USB Drive
Keep your confidential info safe with the world’s most secure USB featuring military grade hardware encryption.

Help your researcher stay stylish with this camera strap that comes in an array of bold colors.

“Action Method” Notebook
These notebooks by Behance are designed to help creatives be more productive.

Cord-on-Board Case
Featured on TechCrunch, The NextWeb, and Time Magazine, this clever iPhone case allows your traveling researcher to charge and connect anywhere.

Lamy 2000
Your researcher’s hand can get cramped when taking notes. Lamy’s beautiful, sturdy yet lightweight pen is so iconic that it is on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art.

Inspirational Wall Decal
What is the difference be a leader and follower? Innovation.

Arkwhale I Weatherproof Bag
This disposable bag keeps your smartphone safe from snow, water, sand, and dirt while still also allowing you to control the touchscreen.

MeCam HD
Weighing only 2.5 oz, this hands-free wearable camera clips on to anything to capture all moments throughout the day.

LED Lighted Shaft Stick Umbrella
Stay dry and out of the dark!

Neutron S
Easy to use wall mount for your mobile devices with an NFC chip that allows you to play music or start your GPS by just placing your phone on it.

100 Questions: Original Edition
Become a great conversationalist with this beautifully designed toolkit.

Have a mini artistic genius in the house? Turn your children’s creative artwork into tangible plush toys!

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