Future of Footwear


People love their shoes. From sneaker heads who collect their vintage LeBron, Kobes, and Jordans to ladies who add to their collection of red bottoms and the like, rivaling perhaps even the notorious Imelda Marcos, people have obsessed over footwear.

We’ve seen Nike ID allow their shoppers to even customize their own unique shoe, choosing the color design and any words they want to appear.

However, we recently saw an innovative approach to personalization that brings footwear expression to a whole new level.   This Indiegogo project by Shiftwear allows you to display HD quality design and animations on your shoes straight from your iPhone or tablet.

Want sprouting flowers on your shoes? How about Van Gogh’s Starry Night? Or a fireworks display? The shoe is literally your canvas for absolutely anything.

It’s always refreshing to see a type of innovation that leverages current digital technology to something common- that has not been thought of before. These adaptable shoes feeds into the desire of the shoe lover to have the latest and feel the freshest instantly.

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