A Gastronomical Virtual Reality Experience


Gastronomical Innovation

Project Nourished by Kokiri Labs is a fascinating project that attempts to re-create the full sensory experience of eating, sans the actual food. Intended to help people with allergies and dietary restrictions, the project is a curious exploration into how different technologies can be combined to simulate the eating experience.

By combining an Oculus Virtual Reality headset, food detection utensils, motion sensor, and aromatic diffusers, Kokiri Labs hopes to allow people with food related illnesses to eat to their heart’s content, without the negative consequences.


Allergic to seafood, but want to eat prawns? No problem!

Diabetic, but want to eat a strawberry pie? Why not!


The project was actually inspired by the Lost Boy’s imaginary feast scene in the heart warming 1990s movie, Hook (check out the clip below).

Although a seemingly far-fetched solution, we love how this idea taps into the latest technology and pushes for innovative ways of thinking to solve problems. We look forward to seeing how this project evolves and how other labs use emerging technologies like Virtual Reality to solve other existing challenges.

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