Drinkable Aromas

organic aromas

Kille Enna, a renowned Danish chef, has developed an innovative line of 7 aromas that you can spray into your glass of water, from “Green Cardamom/Lavender Flowers” to “Liquorice Root from Uzbekistan”. Enna talks about her inspiration to create a scent you can taste in her interview with Munchies:

One day, while I was cleaning out my attic, one title among the piles of cookbooks and old food magazines caught my eye: Perfume. I have no idea who gave me this book, but my passion for complex taste composition and scent led me to open the book. As I began to read it, I didn’t stop for days. Every night, the book swept me away to places like Paris as the main character, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille—who is ostensibly stalking and murdering young virgins—is on a hunt for the perfect scent. For me, the captivation of the novel was about the sadness of a man lacking his own personal scent and the allure of the question it formulated: How do you capture a scent of that which you love? I recognized my own desire to answer that question, but my history in the culinary arts prevented me from separating olfaction from gustation; scent from taste. So my desire was for more than the creation of yet another perfume. It had to be the taste of a scent.

What do you think of drinkable aromas? What aromas would you want to drink or not drink?

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