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It has been a busy start to the year here at Antedote, we have been out delivering innovation and insight projects across the US, Europe and Asia so the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. However with a week back in the office before I am off on a month long research project I wanted to write a post about Digital Innovation.

One of the benefits of living and working in the technology and innovation hub that is San Francisco is that we experience new business models and ideas before they are rolled out across the rest of the US and the world. We have started to help leading brands connect with some of these new technologies/ start-ups, for example through delivering new activation experiences.

Here are some of the disruptive innovations that we have seen and been using recently:

Good Eggs

This startup aims to bring the famers market to your door through partnering with local producers. Now a number of us here in the Antedote offices are frequent shoppers at Whole Foods and local farmers markets but we have found ourselves moving over to Good Eggs to do a good amount of our weekly shopping. The reason? Fantastically fresh, high quality foods for a lot less than it costs to shop and Whole Foods.

Google Shopping Express

We are among some of the first people to use this new same-day deliver shopping service aimed at disrupting Amazon’s position at the top of the internet shopping podium. So far the experience has been a bit mixed, most of the brands that you can order from are the big store brands – Target, Walgreens, Office Depot and Staples. These are stores that most of us can get to pretty easily and actually don’t need same day delivery from. Personally I would like to see Google incorporate some smaller providers, ones that it takes time to find and shop at.


The next generation on from Uber and Flywheel is Lyft, we are seeing more and more of the pink moustaches hanging from the front of cars in and around the city. Lyft is a ride-sharing service, basically normal people driving others where they want to go. We having quite got round to giving this a shot yet but it is definitely on the list to try. Given that Lyft does not require commercial licenses and insurance, it may well disrupt the taxi/ limousine market on cost alone. Great service would be a bonus!

These are just some of the new disruptive technologies we are seeing everyday, we will write another post soon.

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