Cool Stuff I have seen and other innovations: Madécasse Chocolate

Picking up my cup of Joe this morning, a stack of postcards and a little basket of chocolates caught my attention – Madécasse a range of chocolates made in Madagascar – offering the benefit of being 4 times as impactful as fair trade cocoa.

Seeing these chocolates reminded me of a conversation I had had with a client many years previously when he asked me “what was going to be the next organic?” [as everyone was organic now so businesses needed new ways to differentiate].

Madecasee Chocolate

Picking up the postcard, I read the story of Brett Beach and Tim McCollum, two guys who met in the Peace Corps and wanted to do more for the people of Madagascar, I instantly purchased one of each variety, drawn into the idea of doing more than just giving a fair deal to farmers in developing nations, with Madécasse I would help build an economy.

This all got me thinking. What was really going on behind my choice?

Was I fulfilling a need to feel like I was doing something good for the world?

Did I believe the ingredients and the product itself was better for me because it came from a small community?

Was I connecting with my childhood, I too grew up on an island and could imagine the impact a business like this would have on the community?

Did I want to support a business started by some fellow entrepreneurs?

Was I feeling guilty about purchasing a luxury and needed to feel better about my choice?

I don’t really know what was really going on consciously or subconsciously and to tell you the truth at the time I thought I just picked it up because it peaked my interest.

Regardless, I was reminded that every day we (as consumers) are presented with hundreds, thousands of opportunities to purchase and there is more often than not a lot more going on behind our choices then we realize.

To learn more about Madécasse, check out their website Madécasse


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