Cheetos Gets a Sweet Tooth


“We believe the orange Cheetos dust that comes off on your fingers is an important part of the Cheetos eating experience — for some it’s the best part. Absolutely there will be a similar playful experience when eating Sweetos.” – Jeff Klein, vice president of brand marketing for Frito-Lay North America

In preparation for Easter season, the Cheetos brand will roll out “Sweetos”, a cinnamon, sugar puff snack. This is following the successful launch of sister brand Lay’s Wavy Potato Chips Dipped in Milk Chocolate. The move of these salty brands into sweeter territory is one that taps into two converging consumer trends: sweet snacking by Millennials and limited edition holiday products (we saw with delight that Oreo recently launched their Red Velvet Oreos in preparation for Valentine’s).

We understand the pressure and complexity for brands to stay relevant and expand their product portfolio, seeing numerous flops such as the McDonald’s McPizza. At antedote, we have partnered with many brands to expand their innovation pipeline and believe that consumer insights is needed to navigate the increasingly crowded marketplace and identify the best opportunities to successfully grow without diluting brand strength.

We are very excited to see Cheetos’ bold move on grocery shelves and see how they will resonate with snackers nationwide.

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