Can yogurt go savory?

Beet Yoghurt

On a recent trip to New York (qual research for one of our global innovation clients) we were doing some store scouting to canvas the latest interesting new innovations. We were excited to come across these new yogurts from one of our favorite New York restaurants, Blue Hill.

These yogurts turn convention on its head and offer a range of savory flavors. Coming in Carrot, Sweet Potato, Beet, Butternut Squash, Tomato and Parsnip these are unlike any yogurts you will have seen before. More details can be found on Blue Hill’s yogurt website

Savory yogurts and ice-cream have been present on the menus and in the kitchens of many of the world’s leading edge restaurants for a number of years now. It is interesting to see this new product launch come from a restaurant rather than one of the large yogurt manufacturers, perhaps this is the start of a new trend? Is this the next Greek yogurt? We’re not sure that the mainstream consumer is ready for savory yogurt but it will be fascinating to see how this new product launch does over the next 12 months.

So that all the team could experience them we bought up a range of flavors to bring back to the office. The Antedote verdict? Actually a lot tastier than we thought they might be. Sadly they are not yet available in San Francisco so we’ll be stocking up again when we are back over on the East Coast.

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