Antedote shortlisted for 2017 MRMW Award for the Best Use of Mobile Technology

This is the third consecutive year that Antedote has been nominated for an MRMW Award, this time in the category of Best Use of Mobile Technology. Antedote is the only agency in the history of the awards to have been nominated for an award three years in a row.

The MRMW Awards are a showcase and celebration of excellence and innovation in market research, recognizing the groundbreaking work of individuals and organizations in the industry.

The nomination came on the back of our Snap Dive research initiative, which leveraged the power of social media platform Snapchat to foster a more inextricable link to the hearts and minds of younger consumers.

The methodology behind the initiative saw design and deployment of techniques that enabled us to better examine and evaluate target demographics using social media app Snapchat and the users’ behavior firsthand. In addition, we were able to better understand the motivations behind sharing multimedia, stepping into favorite conversations with contacts and identifying traits and idiosyncrasies from user content, via Snapchat’s “Discover” and “Stories” campaigns.

From what was extrapolated in the study, Antedote developed rules of engagement for media clients in order to gain a better appreciation and awareness for where and how branded content can be used.

Adam French, Founding Partner at Antedote said that the research required a deep understanding and consideration for its unique environment.

“This research required consideration of the Snapchat online environment.

“We did this, through immersion into the interactions of target groups, and an analysis of the triggers for connections, creation, sharing and viewing of content, which lasts only fleetingly, given the self-destructing nature of the Snapchat experience.

“While Snapchat appeals to users who don’t want to create even more breadcrumbs on their digital trail, targeted and intentioned research can assist businesses in understanding how the app’s transient nature is used for connection, and why.

Snap Dive achieved this, leading to its nomination for this award.”

Antedote has been nominated alongside Porsche and Deutsche Telekom.

The 2017 Awards will be held in Chicago, Illinios, on April 25 and 26, with the awards being judged by an international panel comprised of experienced market researchers, respected thought leaders in the field and MRMW Advisory Board members.


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