21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo

Design Museum TokyoRecently some of the Antedote team were out and about conducting ethnographic research in Tokyo. One of our favorite cities to visit, Tokyo is a fantastic place to immerse yourself in new design and innovation inspiration. At Antedote we believe in making the most of the travel we do to inspire our clients on existing and future projects.

This time around we had the chance to visit the 21_21 Design Sight Museum in Tokyo, this design focussed museum was founded by Issey Miyake, Taku Satoh, and Naoto Fukasawa in 2007. The rotating exhibitions take subjects close to us, like chocolate, water, man, nature, and bones, as their themes to turn our eyes toward society and make us think about the future.

The current exhibition is:

“COLOR-HUNTING” Directed by Dai Fujiwara

The description from the museum’s program:

“Sea, sky, stars, plants…the colors in the natural world are infinite. However, many of the colors that touch our lives, whether they are mass production products or our virtual world inside our displays, are man-made colors predetermined by a color chart and color theory. Our life is surrounded by millions of colors and yet, many are based on predeterminded color variations; a completely different world compared to the color system of nature.

Exhibition director Dai Fujiwara invented “color-hunting,” a design method inspired by his personal research of design. The act of capturing actual colors in the natural and urban environment and reproducing them on a piece of paper by mixing watercolors on the spot is literally “hunt” for color. Design rooted in color-hunting embraces the power to convey and spread meanings and stories of color to the people involved in the product making process and its users while also enriching our color environment.

This exhibition sheds light on the unknown possibilities of color revealed through color hunting while also introducing the achievements in color and design obtained through cooperations with researchers, corporations, and educational institutions from home and abroad. Please experience this creative world that starts from “color.”

We finished with a trip to Precce supermarket to explore new packaging formats and products to inspire existing and future innovation projects:

Innovation exploration

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